Specialist Schedules

Keewaydin: All students have a specialist class for 55 minutes per day. Specialist classes vary by grade and include art, music, band, PE, Health and Spanish. Specialist schedules change each quarter. 

Wenonah: All students have a specialist class for 55 minutes per day, including art, media, and music (1x/week), and PE (2x/week). See grade > classroom specific webpages for specialist schedules. 



Students work with an art teacher to develop skills in the area of art. They learn the techniques needed to develop a variety of projects.  Paint, pencil, clay, and other art media are used in the art class.  Look for examples of completed projects on display around the school.

Wenonah Art Teacher: Tim Hurley

Keewaydin Art Teacher: 



Students have the opportunity to build their skills using both print and non-print media.  Books will be available to be checked out and brought home from the library.  They will also learn to access additional information on the computers in the computer lab located in the media center. At Wenonah, wireless computers are also available for use. There are computers in each classroom, and Keewaydin has several classroom sets of computers in the computer labs available for student and teacher use.



The Kodály Method is used to give the K-3 students the opportunity to learn to match tones in both the” head voice and chest voice”.  They read, write and play pitches and rhythms with classroom percussion instruments including Orff instruments.  Students also play music singing games that enhance the song they are learning.  Some use affirming parallel concepts among music, reading and math.  Most important, they sing, sing, sing.  A Spring Concert features each grade level.

Wenonah Campus Music Ed. Teacher: 

Keewaydin Campus Music Ed. Teacher: Beth Hulteng



Band is available to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  It is a full school year program that begins in the Fall. Rental instruments are available through the school.  Concerts are held in the Winter and Spring featuring the beginners as well as the Intermediate students.

Keewaydin Campus Band Teacher: Beth Hulteng


Students participate in physical education classes. In these classes, skills that promote life long health and sports are emphasized.  Please make sure that your child has tennis shoes for these classes.

All students participate in Track and Field Day held in May.  This activity needs many volunteers to keep it running smooth.  Watch for details from Andy Pritchard and Cheryl Williams. Class sessions are held outside please dress for the weather.

Wenonah Phy Ed Teacher:  Andy Pritchard

Keewaydin Phy Ed Teacher: Michael Doherty 



Students participate in culture and language arts classes.

Keewaydin Spanish Teacher: Lisa Hudson