All About Ms. Sendar

My adventures in teaching began as I graduated from Augsburg College and recieved my masters at St. Marys University. I started my teaching career at Armatage Elementary. I taught at Marcy Open School and now I am currently at Wenonah Elementary teaching Kindergarten which I love! I have been in the district for 23 years.

I am married to my husband Jordan and I have twins that started 8th grade in the fall. We also have a dog named Jackson who we adore!

In my spare time I love to read, run and spend time with my family.

As a facilitator of learning, I will provide your child with an environment full of enriching activities. We are immersed with math each day as we do our calendar activities, graphs and work and explore with manipulatives. Reading and writing skills develop through our sharing of literature, books and journal activities. Science and the arts are part of each day and experiments we do together. Our creativity develops through our dramatic role-play areas and imaginations. We grow socially by working and playing together. I would like to stress how important our time we spend playing is. It allows children to express their individual strengths and enjoy their learning. I like to think of my job as empowering children to take responsibility in their learning.