6th grade Science: Waves LT
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Unit #3: Waves

Learning Target: I can take a learning target on Waves

Try the Waves quizlet!  or the Waves crossword!

Need to know: 

Vocabulary: Wave, Medium, Mechanical, Amplitude, Frequency, Longitudinal, Transverse, Electromagnetic, Wavelength, Wave speed. 

Can Energy and matter transfer through a wave?

Examples of Mechancial and electromagnetic waves 

Difference between transverse and longitudinal waves 

Label parts on waves: crest, trough, wavelength, amplitude, frequency, rarefraction, compression, source

identify properties of waves: Ampltude, wavelenth, and frequency 

relationship between frequency and wavelenth

Wave behaviors: reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference 

wave speed calculations: Speed = Wavelength x Frequency