6th grade Science: Sound Learning Target
Friday, May 3, 2019

Unit #3: Sound 

Learning Target: 

I can show my knowledge of sound on a learning target

Try the Sound Quizlet!

Need to know: 

Vocabulary: Amplitude, decibel, loudness, Vibration, Medium, Sound wave, frequency, pitch, hertz, sound

What is sound produced by? 

What type of wave is sound? 

Volume depends on... 

What medium(s) does sound travel through?

Pitch is directly related to... 

In what mediums does sound travel the fastest through? 

frequency of a sound is related to... 

Relationship between vibration and pitch. 

What happens to sound in a vaccume or space? 

Describe energy transfer in sound. 

relationship between frequency and pitch. 

Explain what happens to vibrations, pitch, and frequency of glass bottles with different amounts of water when tapped vs. blown on. 

explain doppler effect.