6th grade Science: Work and Forces LT
Thursday, February 14, 2019

Unit #2: Work and Force 

Need to know: 

How to define: work, force, net force, balanced forces, unbalanced forces, Friction

Work and Force quizlet (use to study Vocabulary) 

Bonus: Free fall and Parabola 

How to calculate work (W - - - = F - - - - -  X D - - - - - - - ) 

Units for work and force (- - - - - - - ) 

Examples of forces (Magnetic, elastic, friction, gravity) 

The difference between contact and non-contact forces 

Relationship between elastic force and distance 

Calculate net force (sum of all forces)  and identify the direction of the force. 

Identify example of balanced and unbalanced forces 

Compare and contrast balanced and unbalanced forces 

The four types of friction: sliding, static, fluid, rolling 

Ways friction can be helpful or harmful 

How friction affects different surfaces 

relationship between friction and force

*Friciton and gravity are forces!