Room 104 Classroom Routines:

Bathroom Breaks:

*Sign-in and out at the table.

*When classmate returns to seat, silently take your turn.

*Raise your hand with emergency.

Pencil Sharpening:

*Pencil Sharpening takes place in the morning

when you arrive at school. 

*Sharpen two at a time.

*Pencil Box is located beside the sharpener when needed.

Lining Up:

*We line up in a single line to and from specialists, lunch and dismissal.

*Raise your hand when you have a question.

*Raise your hand to ask to leave your seat.

*Always welcome guests to our classroom.


*We will eat breakfast in the lunchroom and return to

Our classroom by 9:10.

Class time:

*Planner and math binder will be open and ready for check

by 9:05 a.m.

*Homework completion and parent signature will earn a letter daily to

Spell H-O-M-E-W-O-R-K P-A-S-S.

*Passes are confirmed by Mrs. Lewis and the student before dismissal.