AVID 7- December

AVID 7 is starting their unit on Visualization. Visualization is an important creative tool that has proven to help people succeed. We researched famous scientists, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs that used visualization to achieve their dreams. We have practiced visualization and students now are writing a creative story entitled "Conversations with a Tree" based on their visualization. Students will complete a Type 3, teacher guided & peer edit,  and a Type 4. 



AVID 6 is starting Tutorials after much pre teaching. This takes place on Mondays & Wednesday. We have just completed our Learning Styles Inventory where students have discovered their Receptive Stye (auditory, visual, kinesthetic), Expressive Style (oral or written) or Social Style (individual or group). We have learned the differences & similarities between these learning styles. Students have identified how they like and dislike to learn, and activities that they are drawn to because of their learning style. Students also have learned strategies that will help them learn based on their learning style.

Our next unit starts Thursday, Dec. 1. We will read the history of the Mandala, and each student will develop a Mandala of symbols that best represent themselves. Each student needs to create five symbols and explain in writing what the symbol represents and why it is important to them . Students will have a final Type 4 with an artistic Mandala drawing as the final project.