Ms. Cramer's Teaching Philosophy

Above all else, I want Wenonah students to develop a love for music and the ability to make beautiful music on their own.  Beyond that, my philosophy of teaching music is based on the work of Carl Orff and Zoltán Kodály.  Below are summaries of their teachings and what is often seen in my classroom:



DISCOVER musical concepts by imitation, exploration and experimentation.

PLAY with music through movement, improvisation, and composition.

FOCUS while listening to, interpreting, and performing elemental music.

USE TEAMWORK as they create collaboratively and perform in ensemble.

Orff Schulwerk prepares students to become confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers. 

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•  We should first learn to love music as human sound and as an experience that enriches life.

•  The voice is the most natural instrument and one which every person possesses.

•  Kodály called singing “the essence” of this concept.

•  Singing is a powerful means of musical expression.

•  What we produce by ourselves is better learned; and there is a stronger feeling of success and accomplishment.

•  Learning through singing should precede instrumental training.

•  It is in the child’s best interest to understand the basics of reading music before beginning the difficult task of learning the technique of an instrument.

•  What do we sing?

◦                     Folk songs and games of the American Culture

◦                     Traditional children’s songs and games

◦                     Folk songs of other cultures

◦                     Music of the masters from all ages

◦                     Pedagogical exercises written by master composers

•  Singing best develops the inner, musical ear.


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