Welcome to Room 213!
6th grade Science and Explore (7th grade Science)


This is my sixth year here at Keewaydin but I have been teaching. I previously taught at Anishinabe Academy in Minneapolis and Lake Middle School in Woodbury. This year I’m teaching 6th grade Science, 6th grade Explore and 7th grade Science. 

Also this will be my eight year teaching the after school GEMS and GISE program. Keewaydin has won many awards over the years in our Robotics program in the fall including last year we got to go to state competition for the first time! 

I’m really excited to be part of the community here at Keewaydin. 



In 6th grade Science, we will be learning about measurement, scientific exploration, engineering, controlled experiments, gravity, motion, energy, sound, light, and structure of living things.
In EXPLORE class, we are using the Engineering design process to solve problems. We will focus on our typing and math skills as learn to expand our knowledge of Science. 
In 7th grade Science, we will be learning about natural systems, diversity of life, physical properties of matter, mixtures and solutions, elements, compounds, and chemcal reactions, and the structure and function of living systems. 
-Sarah Smith 
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