Helpful Websites for 1st Graders

Standards-based math skill practice.

Phonics-based approach to beginning reading skills.

Reading and math games by grade level

K-12 online educational materials that emphasize creativity 

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Math Games to Play at Home

Games that use dice and playing cards are great ways to develop early number sense.  Numbers gain meaning when kids recognize that each number represents a particular quantity.

Math Salamanders: Games that support addition, subtraction and counting to 100.  One game includes scoring that supports counting by 5s and 10s.

Shut The Box:  This game can help reinforce addition and mental math skills.

Seven Up – A Card Game

It is essential for students to develop fluency with combinations of 10. Seven Up, a game from Scholastic’s Do the Math intervention program, gives students the practice they need. A deck of 40 cards is required—four each of cards numbered 1 to 10. (A deck of playing cards with the face cards removed works well.) To play, students deal seven cards face up in a row. They remove all 10s, either individual cards with 10 on them or pairs of cards that add to 10. Each time players remove cards, they replace them with cards from the remaining pack. When it’s not possible to remove any more cards, they deal a new row of seven cards on top of the ones that are there. The game ends when it’s no longer possible to make 10s or all of the cards are used up.