A day in the life of a third grader

Our day begins with some quiet morning work and a time to check out new books from our classroom library.  Children read the morning message and double-check the schedule.  They are very quick to point out if I have forgotten a detail!  

We gather for a morning meeting where we typically have a short activity, greet each other and go over the plans for the day.

The lovely thing about a self-contained classroom is that we can take more or less time on activities as needed, but a typical day's schedule is:

9:40     Morning work 

9:50     Morning Meeting

10:05   BASE (Building-wide Academic Support and Enrichment) This includes writer's workshop, math games or activities, work with iPads, etc.)

11:00    Math

12:17   Recess/Lunch

12:57   Story

1:21   Specialists (M: Art, T: Media, W: Music, Th: PE, F: PE)

2:16   Reading

3:15   Social Studies/Science

4:00   Clean up/Dismissal