7th and 8th Grade Science

I have been teaching in Minneapolis public schools for 7 years.  I have a masters in Natural Science and Environmental Engineering.  I am really passionate about science, but my goal as a teacher is to get students to critically think about the world around them.  A focus I also have is teaching the students the skill of working in small groups cooperatively.  Group roles may be assigned, groups will be chosen by the teacher to stretch the comfort level of students and challenge there thinking.  On a personal note, I live in St. Paul with my lovely wife and two cats.

25% of the student’s grade will be based on learning activities.  These vary from hands on activities (recorded in their science notebook), reading assignments, written reflections, and many different group based activities.

75% of the student’s grade will be based on standard assessments.  These are tests or quizzes that are tied to the Minnesota State standards.  The goal of these assessments is to find out if the students have reached mastery of the content. 

Note: Students will need to have a safety contract signed to do many of the hands on activities.  This will be given to the students at the beginning of the school year.

Needed Materials

Composition Notebook (x2)