Lake Nokomis Community School - Keewaydin Campus            

Minneapolis Citywide Autism Program

Community Outing 2016-2017 


Hello Parents,

Community outings are a part of the Citywide Autism Program Curriculum. The Community Outings are designed to teach and support communication, social, functional, and academic skills and generalize in the community.

Our Community Outings are based on monthly themes.  The themes are used throughout the month and include student participation in school and on community outings. The learning process will be continued at home through our website and booklets.

 At this time, Community Outings are scheduled for Friday mornings, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, and will occur approximately 2 times a month.


Each month you will receive a calendar specifying the monthly Community Outings. If you choose not to send your child on a Community Outing, their service and schedule will be changed for that time.  Some of the community outings will have a cost to them.  No student will be denied access to a community outing due to cost.  Each month we will send home a monthly permission that will list out the cost or no cost and a place for parents to check, need a scholarship. 
Reminder, Community Outings may need to be reschedules due to weather, testing, bussing, conflict in scheduling. 



16th Theodore Wirth Parkway/ Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden/Quaker Bog,
30th Lake Harriet / Japanese Garden


14th Dodge Nature Center / Forestry Exploration
28th Richardson Center/Fall Orchard,



11th Creating Notepads (Keewaydin) no bus

18th Richardson Nature Center/Historical Skills & Games


2nd Dodge Nature Center/Sky Watching

9th  Como Zoo/Conservatory



13th Hyland Park Skiing Courage Center, ** Bus Time Change 10:00-2:00**

20th Hyland Park Skiing Courage Center, ** Bus Time Change 10:00-2:00**



3rd  Dodge Nature Center/ Paper Making

10th Dodge Nature Center/Kick sledding & Winter Technologies

17th Richardson Nature Center / Wilderness Skills

24th Richardson Nature Center / Plants Functions and Adaptations



21st Richardson Nature Center/Birds

28th Dodge Nature Center / Reptiles


5th Dodge Nature Center/Aquatic Life and Farm Life

19th Hyland Park Chutes & Ladder Park- End of the Year Picnic—10:00-2:00
Bus Time Change 10:00-2:00**


This is a tentative schedule. These dates may change due to bussing, weather and testing.

Thank you,


Elizabeth Van and Jennifer St. Germaine