School Goals & Plans

Family Involvement Plans

Family Engagement is key to student success and LNCS is committed to creating meaningful, accessible and equitable opportunities for all families to engage with their student and the school. All Minneapolis Public Schools create an annual "Family Involvement Plan" (FIP) to share their plans for engaging families. Take a look at our FIP plans and think about new ways to get involved with your student's learning.



School Improvement Plans

All Minneapolis Public Schools create an annual "School Improvement Plan" (SIP) to set the goals that their school community is working to achieve, and identify strategies to reach those goals together. Please read this year's SIP and share any ideas or feedback with us. 


State of the Schools / Title 1 Presentations

Each fall during Open House our principals give a State of the Schools presentation to families. Look at these copies of their presentations to learn about our schools' progress towards meeting goals, plans for the coming year, what families can expect, and how families can get engaged in their student's education. 


Title 1 Family Information Packet & Assessment/Testing Summary

Title 1 is a federal program that provides money to schools to help them ensure all children have an equal opportunity to get a high-quality education. Our school is a "school-wide" Title 1 program, which means all our students are able to benefit from the services we provide with our Title 1 funding. This packet explains Title 1 to parents and explains their rights as a parent. This packet also include a summary of the state and local assessments (tests) that will be given at MPS schools.

Title 1 Family Packet - English

Title 1 Family Packet - Spanish

Title 1 Family Packet - Somali

Title 1 Family Packet - Hmong