Classroom info and procedures


Lake Nokomis Community School, Wenonah Campus

5625 23rd Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN  55417


Main Office phone number: 612-668-5040

Attendance phone number: 612-668-5045


If you need to contact me, it is best to call the school, 612-668-5040, from 8:45-9:30 or 4:05-4:30, or you can email me at


Wenonah School hours are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Breakfast is available to all students. Students eating breakfast should go to the lunchroom before coming to class. They will be directed to class after eating.


Consistent daily attendance is essential, so please try to have your child here on time each day.  If your child is sick, please call the attendance office and speak to the health assistant at 612-668-5045, and send a note with him/her the day of return.


Riding the school bus is a new experience for many kindergartners, and it can be very confusing for the children.  It is very important to:
- Have your child’s bus tag attached to his/her backpack, and make sure he/she brings it to school every day. 

- Make sure your child knows his/her bus number. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding transportation, please contact the staff at the Transportation Department directly at 612-668-2300.


We will eat lunch at school at 11:30 am. Every child is assigned a lunch account number.  I will send the number home with your child so he/she can practice learning the number.

We will be having daily snack in the afternoon.  Please send store-purchased snacks to share with the class. I will make a note in our class newsletter when we are in need of more. Please aviod foods that have tree nuts or are processed in facilities that process peanuts.  

Snack ideas are as follows:
* Vanilla Wafers * Ritz  Crackers  * Pretzels *Veggie Straws  *Apple Sauce pouches   *Cheeze-Its *Goldfish Crackers *Tortilla Chips  *Clementines *Popcorn 

A family/classroom communication folder will be sent home once a week with family newsletters, school information, papers to sign, etc.  Please read all information and return the folder in your child’s backpack.  These folders will be sent home on Wednesdays, and I ask that they be returned by the following Tuesday morning.

Due to a new district policy, students are no longer able to bring snacks in to the class (cupcakes or cookies) as a way to celebrate birthdays.  We will still observe birthdays in our class.  As an alternative to sharing a treat, families are encouraged to donate a book to our class birthday book box.

I encourage family involvement in the classroom, and welcome volunteers.  Volunteer opportunities include regular work with students, running stations for our celebrations, chaperoning on field trips, reading to the class, preparing materials needed for class activities, and lunchroom help. Please contact me if you would like to volunteer.