Assessments / Testing at LNCS

What Assessments Do We Give at LNCS?
The state of MN and Minneapolis Public Schools provide us with assessments to be used at various grade levels.

1. FAST Assessments are given at Wenonah and Keewaydin

‚ÄčMinneapolis Public Schools students take a standardized screening called the FAST (Formative Assessment System for Teachers) in reading and math every fall, winter and spring. It’s a quick (average of 30 minutes per student) and valuable way for teachers to measure student growth across the academic year. This test is just a brief screening to identify if students need further more detailed assessment. 


2. MCA Assessments are given at Keewaydin


3. WIDA Assessments are given to English Learner students at Wenonah and Keewaydin

The WIDA measures a student's ability to read, write, speak and listen to English in an academic setting.

  • English Learner students at Wenonah will take the WIDA from January 29 - February 28, 2019.


How are Assessment Results Used at LNCS?

Assessments are used as one way to help answer these key questions:

  • Are students learning what we intend for them to be learning?
  • Are all students improving and being appropriately challenging?

Teachers will use the results to adapt instruction for students to best meet their needs. Students who do not meet expectations or who exceed expectations can be identified in order to provide supplemental, differentiated or individualized instruction.

At LNSC we know that these types of assessments are just one way to assess a student's growth. The results reflect your child’s performance on one computer-based screening on one day. As with any assessment, we recognize that these scores does not tell us everything there is to know about your child’s reading or math ability. Your child’s teacher will use this as one tool along with many other types of observations to understand how your child is progressing.


Overview of Assessments and Schedules at Minneapolis Public Schools
Read this packet for a summary of the state and local assessments (tests) that will be given at MPS schools.

Minneapolis Public Schools 2018-19 Assessment Schedule