Visual Art

Keewaydin Eagles Rock! Check out this eagle nest camera. Draw what you see!

Visual art strengthens our ability to envision new possibilities. It is exciting to see students learn to express themselves using new tools and media. This year we will continue learning the elements and principles of art through a variety of projects, integrating with other content areas whenever possible.

Through project-based learning, students will continue developing Artist Habits of Mind. The Artist Habits of Mind grew out of research done by Project Zero, a group at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. These eight habits of mind, (shown below), are fostered by quality visual arts education.


Please check out our school's Artsonia online gallery at:                                     

If you want to upload photos of your art from home to your Artsonia account: watch this short tutorial video   You will need our Keewaydin school code: SZYM-ZHFK

Develop Craft, Engage & Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch & Explore, Understand Art World