Ms. Croft - Visual Art Teacher

I have taught art since 2011 at LNCS Keewaydin. I am excited to be a part of the LNCS community again this year! I would like to offer a warm welcome to the wonderful new third graders and their families, as well as to all of the returning students and their families. I am very much looking forward to a wonderful year with all of you.

Please check out our school's Artsonia online gallery (make sure to scroll down!) at:                                            don't forget to scroll down to see the art!

I attended Barton Open School and South High School.  I graduated with a degree in Studio Art from Smith College in Massachusetts.  After working for an Art Services Company in New York City, I returned to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota licensure and Masters Program in Art Education, which I completed in 2011.  I am so pleased to be back in the Minneapolis Public Schools. 

Visual art strengthens our ability to envision new possibilities. It is exciting to see students learn to express themselves using new tools and media. This year we will continue learning the elements and principles of art through a variety of projects, integrating with other content areas whenever possible.

When I'm not teaching art, I love painting, gardening, playing soccer, goats, and perusing the local museums and libraries. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

Here are a few of the learning targets for 2018-2019:

3rd Grade & 4th Grade

  • I can create a variety of lines in my
    Roosevelt Art Crawl in Ms. Smolund's Room
    Roosevelt Art Crawl in Ms. Smolund's Room
  • I can explain the difference between geometric and free form shapes.
  • I can describe the relationships between the colors on the color wheel.
  • I can use warm and cool colors to create contrast in my artwork.
  • I can compare and contrast two dimensional and three dimensional shapes and forms.

5th Grade

  • I can show radial balance in my artwork.
  • I can draw from a variety of view points (an elevation and plan for a building or space).
  • I can build a 3d model of a buiding or space.
  • I can explain my artistic choices in a written statement.

6th Grade

  • I can create a drawing from observation creating the illusion of three dimensions.
  • I can identify visual rhythm and movement in artwork.
  • I can select a color scheme to use in my artwork to convey a specific mood or emotion.
  • I can explain my artistic choices in a written statement.

7th Grade

  • I can create gesture and contour drawings.
  • I can create a variety of coils in my coil pot.
  • I can critique with my peers.
  • I can explain my artistic choices in a written statement.

Through project-based learning, students will continue developing Artist Habits of Mind. The Artist Habits of Mind grew out of research done by Project Zero, a group at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. These eight habits of mind, (shown below), are fostered by quality visual arts education.

Develop Craft, Engage & Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch & Explore, Understand Art World