Dear Families:

Welcome to Second Grade! I'm very excited to get to know all of my students this year. I know, from my own experience as a parent of two children, it takes a few weeks to get back into the school schedule and groove. So we will begin with no homework the few weeks of school. However, parents have homework to do, filling out all those forms the office needs! Thank you in advance!

 I try my best to make school fun each day for students. In the beginning we are building a classroom family and we play a lot of games and get to know one another. We will do arts and crafts, play team building games, and focus on what is unique about each one of us. Please try to make time for your child to listen to anything he/she is excited about to help build their enthusiasm for learning. We do also need to so some assessments which are necessary for me to begin to understand each student's needs academically. I will also try to assess what other needs your child might have socially.

If your child needed special support last year in first grade with academics or social skills please call me or email me right away so we can develop a plan for this school year together.

Again, welcome to a new year at Wenonah School. I look forward to meeting all of our room 108 families this year. If you are willing to be a weekly volunteer I will be looking for someone to stuff the Wednesday folders for me. I will also be looking for a math group volunteer to come in once a week as well and a reading group volunteer as well. Look for news from our classroom in your child's Wednesday folder. Please send the folder back the next day so it doesn't get lost. Students will earn a piece of candy if the folder is returned on Thursday (the next day).

I am looking for starburst and Air Head candy donations for this program:) PS We do have a student with peanut allergies this year in our classroom.


Mrs. Priglmeier

AKA Mrs. P