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2022 All School Talent Show (Virtual)

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

When:  Monday, February 28 , 2022  It will be ready to view!
Time:  7:30AM
Where to view:  ON YOUR iPad or computer (link will be provided February 14th)
How long will it be available?  Until we must take it down!
What will be the running time of the show?  30 – 45 minutes depending on the number of acts.

What is the Talent Show?

Students from ALL grades can participate in the talent show.  We accept all students who want to participate.  Your student can do a solo or perform with a group. We have had up to 80 kids in the show! ** 

(This is a “no wiggle room” request. We reserve the right to edit acts to fit the format)

Types of Acts (these are suggestions, you are not limited to these)

Gymnastics, Singing (please, no lip syncing), Dancing, playing an instrument, skiing, acting, trampoline, poetry reading, story telling, telling jokes   juggling, skateboarding (be careful!), bike riding, running fast, feats of strength, cooking, fashion, hockey, basketball, catching and throwing etc. etc. etc.

There is really no limit to what can be in the show.  As long as you are being respectful (family friendly), entertaining, and we can understand what you are doing or saying, you can submit an act.

**Who can be in your ActFamily, friends, teachers, as long as YOU, the LNCS student, are the “STAR” of the Act.

*How to submit:  have your parents record your act HORIZONTALLY with an iPad, iphone, etc.

Send your Act NO LATER THAN Monday, February 14th, 2022.

Submit your Act to:

*How to Submit a GREAT recording for the Talent Show:
  • *Please record in “landscape” mode (horizontal not vertical).
  • *If you are speaking or singing, make sure that you are within 4 feet of the device to ensure good sound quality.
  • Try to have good lighting on you and avoid having bright lighting behind you (like a bright window) so you don’t appear to be in shadow.
  • Position the camera at eye level. Leave a small amount of space above your head. 
  • When your video is done you can upload it using this link.

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W: 5625 23rd Ave S
K: 5209 30th Ave S
Minneapolis 55417
Wenonah Main Office
(612) 668-5040
Keewaydin Main Office
(612) 668-4670
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