Homework in First Grade

After looking into the research for and against homework, our first grade team at LNCS Wenonah has made the decision not to assign homework. The research could not prove that homework increased student achievement and actually showed it could have an adverse effect.

We would like to encourage families to read together everyday. We also encourage parents to share real world experiences with their child. Some examples would include: helping your child identify and count the change when shopping or going out to eat, reading street signs you pass when driving, reading brochures/maps when traveling, looking for patterns in nature and architecture, making a schedule for the weekend that includes times things are happening, reading a recipe to make dinner together, and playing board games as a family.

Getting outside after school to run around and play, sharing storie from your day during family dinner, and getting a good nights rest are additional ideas which promote learning.

Thank you,

LNCS First Grade Teachers