Fourth Grade

We have three wonderful 4th grade teachers. Click their names to the right to access their web pages.

Ms. Jennifer Delveaux, Room 107     

Ms. Heather Hall, Room 106

Ms. Katie Johnson, Room 109



4th Grade Newsletter

**click the link to access our weekly news

Hall & Johnson Math

Ms. Hall and Ms. Johnson post the weekly homework here. Printed work sheets are distributed on Mondays and due Thursday when students enter the classroom. This work is great practice for students to improve their operation skills ( + , -, +, ÷). 

Literacy Homework Handout

Master copy of the weekly Literacy Homework. Print this out as needed.

You will find the current spelling list included in the 4th grade Newsletter. 

Every Kid in a Park

Hey 4th Graders! See America's National Wonders and historic sites for free.