Torben Rothgeb ELL Wenonah

My name is Torben Rothgeb and I teach ELL at Wenonah. I have taught ELL at Wenonah since 2007 and have taught in the district since 1999. I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1996 and moved to Minneapolis from St Louis in 1998. I have my Masters in ELL from St Cloud State.

Wenonah is an awesome place to work! I am trully blessed to be working with some of the finest students around. As ELL students my students must overcome many obstacles and barriers that may interfere with learning the academic content their peers are. It is my job to make this process as easy and as fun as possible. Receiving an education through an individual's non-native language can be challenging but seeing the world through a bilingual lens is more of an asset than a disadvantage. At Wenonah we strive to nurture what nature gives us.

2nd Grade curriculum
The link above is for monthly curriculum.
   Second Grade ELL students will apply the sound-symbol relationship along with word recognition strategies to read grade-level materials with accuracy and fluency. They will use comprehension strategies to understand the meaning of the texts that have been read. Students will read, understand, and respond to a wide variety of fiction, poetic, and non-fiction texts.
   ELL students will demonstrate increased emerging knowledge in a writing process with attention to organization, focus, and quality of ideas. They will compose narrative and informational pieces of writing. The students will demonstrate understanding and communicate efffectively through listening and speaking.
1st Grade Curriculum

    First grade objectives-   Ell students will demonstrate competency in writing and identifying letters, follow one- to two- step oral commands, respond to everyday oral requests, match icons or labels of home, school, peers, teachers and family members, identify syllables and rhyming words, draw or show clock responses, identify words associated with symbols for addition and subtraction, learn age appropriate high frequency words, and regognize word families.                                                              

Kindergarten curriculum

    The objectives for the year in ELL are to learn all the letter sounds and letter names and to be able to print the letters clearly. Students will also be asked to identify a list of high frequency words and to learn several groups of word families.  In math students will learn how to count using several different methods. They will be asked to identiffy different shapes, colors, patterns, sizes, and coins. Students will be familiar with terms such as yesterday, tomorrow, on, inside, above, next to, and under. They will also be asked to describe relative time.