Developmental Adapted Physical Education
Developmental/Adapted Physical Education

HI, I am Patsy Rederer, the Adapted Physical Education teacher for the Lake Nokomis Campus- Wenonah and Keewaydin schools. I went through the Minneapolis Public Schools and earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Minnesota. I have been teaching in Minneapolis since 1990 in both Physical Education and DAPE. I spent my first 15 years in Minneapolis at Ramsey Fine Arts Center, working with Autism students and mostly teaching middle grades physical education. I moved onto North High and Cityview schools teaching DAPE for students with a wide variety of disabilities and needs. During my time there, I created a physical education picture library for the District DAPE teachers to use with students who use picture communication systems. I am currently teaching at 5 schools, of which the Lake Nokomis sites are a part of my duties.  I truly enjoy working with the students and staff at the Wenonah and Keewaydin campuses.

    My philosophy of teaching is that students can all learn, some learn faster than others or in different ways. We are all unique.  My Adapted Physical Education outlook is to provide support services to allow students to succeed in the General Physical Education and/or community setting, and to allow them to learn lifelong recreation skills and fitness practices that can be used into adulthood.
    I am working this year to help support student success in the general physical education setting, through collaboration with the Physical Education teachers I work with.  Beyond working on individual goals and objectives, I hope to pre-teach basic skills for the curriculum units taught at each school, so students can experience more success with their peers when at play.

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What is Developmental Adapted Physical Education?
    Developmental/Adapted Physical Education provides an educational support system for students with disabilities who cannot safely or successfully participate in the general physical education program.  DAPE recognizes the individual differences of learners and emphasizes the continuum of development. Through individualized instruction and carefully planned program of diversified activities, students develop greater degrees of social independence, physical well being, emotional stability, and problem solving abilities.
    DAPE is a special education service area defined by two areas of instructional support.  The term DEVELOPMENTAL focuses on the outcomes to be achieved as a result of participation in the physical education program. The development of each student's unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs is considered in determining instructional experiences necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.
    The term ADAPTED focuses on individualizing the instructional process.  Individualizing instruction meets the unique individual needs of each student.  Individual needs can be met through a variety of options or alternatives such as: changing the setting or environment, pace of the lesson, modifying equipment, providing independent and guided practice, limiting or modifying the type and kind of activity participation, using a full range of instructional methods, techniques and communication modes, utilizing flexible grouping, team teaching, and instructional support, and modifying procedures and policies to insure appropriate instruction.