Cybersmart Curriculum
I will be working with 4th grade students on internet safety.  I will be using discussion sheets from Cybersmart --

We will focus on the following areas:


Private Information
By examining and identifying actual online requests for private information, students learn to apply the same safety rules in cyberspace as they use when encountering strangers in the face-to-face world.

CyberPals -- Safety with Cyberpals
Students learn that they can develop rewarding online relationships, but should never reveal private identity information to a person they know only in cyberspace.

Feeling Comfortable -- Be Comfortable
Students consider some online scenarios and examine their personal comfort levels. They learn to recognize feelings of discomfort and responsibly manage their actions in cyberspace.

Chat and Message Safety -- Safe Talking in Cyberspace
Students explore positive aspects of online chatting and messaging, consider a potentially uncomfortable scenario, and learn to apply safety rules that protect their private identity information.

E-mail Safety -- Handling E-mail and IM too!
Students consider the positive uses of E-mail and IM and identify safety strategies for responsibly managing unsolicited messages.
Cyber Citizenship -- Citizens of CyberSpace
Students learn that Internet users are citizens of a global community with the power to share ideas with people around the world.

Understand Your Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) contracts encourage responsible behavior by students and staff and give administrators enforceable rules for acceptable use of school computers. Students will interpret and make inferences about their school's AUP.

Speak Out
Students learn that, as citizens of their country, they have a responsibility to speak out on important issues and that the Internet provides easy ways to do so.

Respecting the Law -- Whose is it anyway?
Students learn that, although the Internet makes it very easy, copying others' work and presenting it as one's own is unethical. They also learn about circumstances in which it is permissible to copy others' work.

Computer Ethics -- Do the Right Thing
Students learn that they should apply the same ethical principles in cyberspace that guide them in face-to-face situations.

Netiquette -- Good E-mail Manners
Students learn good manners dos and don'ts when sending E-mail.