6th grade Science: Controlled Experiment learning target
Friday, November 16, 2018

Unit 1: Controlled Experiment 

Learning Targets:

I can analyze the parts of a controlled experiment.

I can plan and conduct a controlled experiment to test a hypothesis about a relationship between two variables.


I can plan and conduct a controlled experiment using data collection tools.

I can make a data table and graph from an experiment.

I can write a conclusion using claim, evidence, and reasoning.


Need to know (study):


Define: Experimental question, variables, Manipulated Independent Variable, Responding Dependent Variable, Control variables, Hypothesis, Procedure, Data table, and line graph

(Use quizlet to help study: https://quizlet.com/_5o7ia6)



Know what a "testable" (experimental) question is and be able to identify


Know how to write a hypothesis using if (MIV), then (DRV), because format


Why control variables are important in experiments


Identify Manipulated Independent variables, Responding Dependent Variables, and controlled variables in a sample experiment.


Know the relationship of the three types of variables listed above.


Explain why datat tables are important in experiments


Explain the relationship between two variables on a graph (use increase, decrease, stays constant to describe)


Explain how to plan an investigation