Sound unit clips

General Sound links: 

SciKids Sound 

What is Sound?

Crash Course Kids: Sound 

Sound Waves: Physics of Sound energy 

Transmission of sound 

Dr. B What is Sound?

StudyJam Sound

Sound Song!


Steve Spangler Sound science: 

The Spangler Effect The science of sound part 1 

The Spangler Effect: The science of sound part 2 

Steve Spangler Sound vibrations 

Bottle Sounds from Steve Spangler science

Steve Spangler Singing pipes 

Steve Spangler Singing rod 

Steve Spangler Sound hose - Whirly tube 


Vibration lab links: 

Explanation of vibrating vocal cords 

Vocal cord animation 

Human voice box 

Vocal cords close up 

Vocal cords singing a song close up Vocal cords

Vibrating rice demo - Vibration lab 

Cymatics: Science vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

Cymbal Vibrations

Why mosquitoes buzz in People's Ears story

Street Harmonica player 



Speed of Sound (medium) labs: 

Bell in a Jar experiment

States of Matter, Brainpop

Sound energy

Mythbusters Newton's cradle, part 1  

Mythbusters Newton's cradle, part 2

Domino Tricks



Pitch experiments: 


What is Pitch?

High and Low pitch demonstrations 

How do string length, tension, and gauge affect pitch?

Straw Oboe video

Singing classes 

Singing glasses clip 2

How does pipe length affect pitch?

Boomwhacker video 

Physics force: Pipe organ video 

Hoot tube video 

Blue Man Group makes a Drumbone

Flame tube Frequency 




How does a pedal-powered organ work?


Foley Artist video

Spotlight:James West 

The ear


The Doppler effect clips: 

Big Bang Theory Doppler Effect 

The Doppler Effect: Wave motion 

Doppler Effect using car horn example 


Ecolocation clips: 

A real life batman: Ecolocation 

Teaching the blind to navigate using Tougue clicks: Daniel Kish TED talk 

Sam's Echolocation like a dolphin 

The boy who could see like a bat