Social Studies: Chapter 7 quiz
Friday, January 08, 2016

Learning Target: I can explain the impact of steamboat transportation and settlement on physical, social, and cultural landscapes and descibe the process of how Minnesota became a territory and state and identify the key individuals, events, and groups involved in the process

Activity: Chapter 7 Minnesota's Newcomers packet will help with this learning target. 

Assessment: Chapter 7, Minnesota's Newcomers quiz. 


Need to Know:

Who were Harriet Bishop and Hans Mattson 

What transportation was available at this time. 

MN Events in order

Why did Harriet Bishop consider St. Paul a place that needed to be civilized?

How did the population of MN change in the 1850's? 

What were some challenges that Hans Mattson faced in his first year? 

What were the advantages of becoming a state?

What are the roles of the three branches of the U.S. an dMinnesota governments?

Why did people leave Europe? Why did they immigrate to Minnesota?

How did the arriival of European American settlers affect the Ojibwe and Dakota?