Welcome to Room 108!

My name is Rebecca Priglmeier. I have been teaching at Wenonah School for the past sixteen years and love this cozy community school. Our staff truly cares about each and every child. We do our very best to meet your child where he/she is at emotionally and academically and move your child forward at an appropriate pace. I think you will find that any question or need you have during your years here will be addressed as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This school we all belong to is a little gem in our community. The parental involvement and support continues to amaze me.

This year I will reach a midpoint in my career and this will be my twenty-sixth year of teaching. I have taught students preschool age to grade three and have enjoyed every age group. Teaching in North Minneapolis,Santiago,Chile,and South Minneapolis has been a rewarding career. Second graders grow up so much during the school year. It is a lot of fun watching them mature. I consider myself a life long learner. I am an avid traveler. I also speak Spanish and can communicate with Spanish speaking families. Did you know with the number of Spanish speakers we have in the U.S. we are the third largest Spanish speaking country?
Our school believes that you are your child's first teacher and it is in the home where your child develops that lifelong love of learning. Take time to look at your child's work. Take time to ask specific questions about school. Take time to read to your child and listen to your child read.

I believe all children can learn. I believe a child needs to proud of the person he/she is and the family he/she comes from. I also believe we must learn to help one another. When students learn to work together we achieve more and achieve at a higher level. I respect the information you bring to me and I know you will respect my expertise as a classroom teacher. I find if you expect the best you very often get it! I have high expectations of myself and my students. If we all do our part our students will not only succeed they will excel!


All second graders should come in knowing how to add and subtract simple numbers.They should be able to write several sentences

without having their hand get tired and they should be able to express their ideas and work with others. If your child struggled with learning short vowels or long vowel patterns in first grade please do some work with short CVC words this summer. For example, teaching the ot family by practice reading and writing words like hot, not, got, jot, lot etc... This would help a child who doesn't know the short o sound.You can also practice the long vowel sounds. For example, practicing the rule CVVC by teaching your child  when two vowels go walking the first one says its name. So words like boat, float, coat, goat etc... would have the long vowel sound. Follow this rule, short vowels come first, then long vowel patterns come next. Once a child has learned to read and write both short and long vowels they take off in reading.It is so exciting to see it happen.

The best way to contact me is to email me at rebecca.priglmeier@mpls.k12.mn.us. I check my email daily during my preparation time and either before or after school. If you have a more urgent need please call me from 8:30-9:30 am at 668-5040 or after 4:10 pm. 

Class of 2012-2013
Class of 2011-2012

These are just a few photos of our classmates, volunteers, and of course, Luna too. If you don't see your child it is because I do not have your permission to post photos of your child. That media relsease form was sent in the fall.

Field Day Fun 2011

Every June we have our annual Field Day. The highlight is the grade level Tug-of-War event.

Volunteers Rock!

Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers we made great academic gains this year! 

Winter 2010

All the snow made for tons of fun during recess on our snow mountain! Luna also enjoyed the snow!

Luna 2008

Everybody loves Ms. Priglmeier's dog!

Mosaics with Michael Sweere Fall 2008
Creating mosaics with local artist Michael Sweere.
Paper Mache Animals Fall 2007
September 2007

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12:40 Read Aloud/Circle Time/Second Step

1:00  Lunch/ Recess

2:00 Social Studies/Science M,T, F    Specialist Class W/TR

2:30 M,T,W,T Math Lesson

3:00 Math Groups  M,W,F Online Math Program-Tuesdays/ Thursdays 3:00-3:50pm

3:50 Get ready for buses