Lake Nokomis Community School

The mission of Lake Nokomis Community School is to empower every student to learn and grow every day. We represent diverse cultures and experiences which allows for instruction in the meaning and value of community and the importance of life long learning. We are nurturing great potential every day!


Our school community is housed on two campuses southeast of Lake Nokomis: Wenonah for Kindergarten-2nd grade, and Keewaydin for grades 3-8. We celebrate our neighborhood school culture and like to be known as a big city school with a small town heart.

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Journey of the Ducklings

Every spring a family of mallard ducks sets up housekeeping in the Keewaydin School courtyard. When the ducklings are old enough, they make the long journey to Lake Nokomis. Here is a video of that journey, from May 2016.

New Parking Ordinances for Wenonah Campus

In response to safety concerns and changes in city parking ordinances, the east (odd) side of 23rd Avenue in front of the school's main entrance is being turned into a curb-side drop off only zone. No parking will be allowed on that side of the street from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Update your School Communications Preferences

See instructions to update your contact information or add family members for school messages. (Don’t be scared off by the long instructions. They are mostly pictures and it only takes 5 minutes! And please ignore the follow up email you will receive that asks you to verify your account again.) You will need your student’s ID number, which you can get from their bus tag or by calling their school’s office.