Ed Hamilton SERT

My classroom: Room 210

Please contact me at: Edward.hamilton@mpls.k12.mn.us

Hello, my name is Ed Hamilton. I am a resource teacher here at Keewaydin. I work primarily with 5th grade students but support students in other grades as well. I work with students on staying engaged with their classwork by providing a small environment and learning based on what students are interested in learning about. We use a variety of strategies to help keep students engaged from technology to the content of text that keeps students interest.

My background (aside from education) is in the arts and I believe my creative nature allows me to find unique ways to help meet students educational needs. 

The year is going fast and we are already in the second half of the year. We are busy getting 5th graders ready for 6th grade. The 5th grade team is also Piloting Language Arts Curriculum from Pearson. Some of the Interventions in the Curriculum have challenged the students to grow in new ways we have not attempted yet this year. We are reading a novel "Georges Secret Ket to the Universe" by Stephen and Lucy Hawking. This is a lengthy novel that we are tackling strategically and learning about science but also the structure of our story and the character development in stories.

Our Classroom rules are:



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