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Mr. Swenson Second grade teacher I am in my 29th year of teaching in Minneapolis. I began my career right here at Wenonah. Unfortunately, because I was a new teacher, I had to leave after the first year. I was then placed at Field school for one year, and taught a fourth, fifth, and sixth grade combination class. From there I headed to Kenny school, where I stayed for 13 years. Looking for a change, I found an opening

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at Wenonah, and have been back "home" at Wenonah for 14years. I have taught both second and third grade since I've been back. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1985 and earned my Master of Arts degree at St. Thomas University in 1998. My hobbies include bicycling, motorcycling, antique collecting, gardening, and most recently skydiving (my 75 year old mother talked
I hope I remember everything my instructor taught me!
me into going with her!) I believe that all students can be successful and a major part of guaranteeing every childs success is to have a positive relationship with him/her. Children love to learn and learn best in a trusting, caring, respectful environment. Feel free to contact me anytime. Email usually works best. I check my email at least three times daily, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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