A Special Thank You to Families

Some quick reminders:

Please have your child use the bathroom before they come to school in the morning.  We only have one bathroom and about 26 children needing to use the bathroom.  I begin teaching at 10 a.m. and children need to be ready to listen and learn.

Please also remind your child to go directly to the breakfast room if they choose to have breakfast at school.  Breakfast opens at 9:30 am.   They may come to the room if they are not eating breakfast at school, or come to the room right after they finish breakfast.

During cold weather, I have told the children they may bring chapstick and lotion for their own personal use, but they must keep their supplies in their backpack, and they may only use them before we start our day at 9:55 am, during table time, or center time.

Please remember to send a backpack with your child everyday.  Children need them for transportation tags (especially when there is a reserve teacher) and for important papers that come home on a daily basis.

Remember to return your share-a-book if you want to choose  a new book!  You can choose a new book every day if you want!

Remember to bring a pair of shoes to change into once you arrive at school.  Boots are heavy and wet, and make it difficult to sit down.  Also your child needs a pair of tennis shoes for Physical Education.

If you are picking your child up from school, please come to the lunchroom at 3:40 pm and sign your child out for your child's safety, and for our safety.  If you do not normally pick your child up from school, please send a note with your child in the morning, or let the office know that they need to call me, so I can release your child to the office.

A great website that helps children learn letter identification, letter sounds, beginning word sounds, rhyming words, word families (on Kindergarten assessments) and other reading activities:  www.starfall.com  We have been using it everyday during our morning activity time and center time.

A special thank you to the parents who have come in to volunteer their time in the classroom!  There are many activities that you can assist with in the classroom from stapling papers, sorting papers into mailboxes, reading with children, assisting children in learning a new skill, and helping children get ready from dismissal, etc.  Parents do make a difference! 

Sincerely, Kristie Rossow