Site Council / Leadership Team

Lake Nokomis Community School Leadership Council, representing students, staff, parents, community and administrators, strives for academic excellence for our students by challenging students to reach beyond mastery of the basic skills to achieve their greatest potential.


The purpose of the Leadership Council is to promote student achievement through the process of shared decision. The desired outcome is the creation and implementation of an effective decision-making team to guide the policies of the school and to advance the goals determined by the school. The Leadership Council will provide a means for parents, administrators, staff and community to become involved in the decision-making process.


The Leadership Council shall have primary responsibility to develop and oversee the implementation of a school improvement plan, per schedule to be determined by the Council Members. The Council shall also have policy development responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Budget
  • Achievement
  • Communications
  • District Liaison

It will be the task of the Leadership Council to review each area and determine the decision-making roles and responsibilities of the participants.

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PDF 2011 Latino Parent Dialog Analysis   --  The Four-Part Latino Parent Dialog was the first of its kind to occur in Minneapolis public schools. Including Latino parents who were invited to participate as facilitators we had over 90 people participate in & attend the event. This is a basic rundown of data collected.