Welcome to United States History! 


Unit 1: Histiorical Truth- Is there such a thing as Historical Truth or are we all being lied to?

  • How do we define truth?
  • Who writes history and how does that affect the way history is communicated?
  • What is the "accepted historical narrative"? Why do we call it that instead of just history?


Unit 2: America's Growing Pains- How did the Louisiana Purchase change the status of Native Americans in the United States.

  • How was the Louisiana teriitory acquired?
  • How did the expansion of the American population west impact the lives of all Americans?
  • How did the status of Indigenous populations in the United States change in the 1800s?


Unit 3: History Day




1/9/2015- Wilson Library Survey

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11/19/2014- 7th graders: Here are the links to the different diplomatic events for the upcoming learning target assessment.

  1. The United States Opening Trade with Japan (1853)
  2. The Amistad Case- slave ship rebellion (1839)
  3. The founding of Liberia (1847)
  4. The Oregon Territory (1846)
  5. Indian Treaties and the Removal Act of 1830
  6. The Gadsen Purchase- creating Arizona and New Mexico (1853-54)